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What countries can you make money transfers to?

We send money to most countries with the exception of Cuba and Venezuela.

How much money will a transfer cost?

Money transfer fees are different for each country. Costs range from $4 to $8. For more information, call AFEX costumer service at 1800-500-3994.

What information do I need to provide to send money?

Each costumer must present a photo ID, provide the Sender Personal Information (name, adress, phone number), and provide the Receiver Personal Information.

What countries can you ship packages to?

We ship packages to Colombia and Venezuela.

How much does it cost to send a package?

Packages to Colombia cost: $1.60/Lb PLUS 29% declared value. We ship at least 10lb. On the other hand, Venezuela shipping costs vary depending on the size of the box. The price range goes from $35 to $150. Contact us to get more information.

What should the dimensions of boxes be?

You can pack your items in any of the following boxes: 16x12x12; 18x18x16; 22x16x15; 18x18x24; 22x22x22. (The measurements are in inches).
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